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b. 1999
lives and works in London

My work is mostly centered around painting selected moments from films that would otherwise be forgotten about. I have an appreciation for capturing intimate, personal moments allowing eyes to linger on them for more than a few seconds. 

Through painting, I can play with an unnerving essence, a sense of familiarity in an unfamiliar world which isn’t explained, Inviting you to interact with it.

The relationship between real life and life through a screen has always interested me, I’ve always had a semi-digital process with how I develop work - photoshop or stock images, magazine cuttings working familiar images into a constructed scene within the canvas, allowing discussion of permanence and impermanence within my paintings.

Slade School of Fine Art, London


Arts University Bournemouth, Dorset


Slade School of Fine Art, London  

Art Fusion
virtual exhibition 


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